Telephone: Completely free incoming telephone number via the internet.


Japanese old public phone

Creative Commons License photo credit: NaN

Mention VOIP and many people think....complication, complication, complication.


Well it needn't be so. provide a completely free service for incoming calls. Their plans and tariffs for outgoing and international calls are pretty amazing too. Best of all, there is finally a simple application from the mac app store that makes setting it up a cinch.


There are lots of terribly ugly "Soft-Phones" like X-lite etc and to be perfectly honest I have never once managed to set one of them up without problems or needing a telecoms expert to change something or other.

"Telephone" by Alexei Kuznetsov is a whole different story,


It has a beautifully minimal interface and does not complicate things with features you will never need.



Once set up it integrates with your mac address book or you can just type a number in the box. Best feature of all, though, is that via you can set up voicemail for free. When someone leaves you a message when your either busy or do not have Telephone running, the message is sent to you via email as a sound file, so you can keep the voicemail and use it in audio applications etc (i store mine in itunes).


So if your looking for a communications solution for your small business this setup works beautifully for me, so it should for you too.



Extra Word Services for Mac....Tools for writers

Have you ever needed to re-order sentences in Word or Pages alphabetically or numerically? Ever typed a whole paragraph without realising you had caps lock on and want to change it all back to lowercase? Well its not possible to do either of these and many other wordy things without Devon Technologies wonderful WordService plugin (completely free).


Once installed it adds many new services into the Mac's global Services menu (that oft forgotten and lonely place on many a mac!).




QR-Code Generator...

This website is brilliant for generating QR-Codes, the next generation barcode. They can be used to convey short bursts of info, contact details, websites, allsorts!

Try putting one on your business card or website!

Mobile Phones (inc the iPhone) can read and translate them into data!