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Who Is Dujio?

At Dujio, we go beyond just fixing tech issues – think of us as your personal tech assistant. We get that your tech connection is more than just solving problems or keeping your devices in check. It's about how tech can make your work, home, and personal life smoother and more enjoyable.

Our founder, Brad Clark BA, AMBCS, isn't new to the tech game. With almost a decade of experience as a Trainer at Apple Inc., Brad knows the ins and outs of helping people with their tech needs. Now, as an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute for IT, he's using that knowledge to make sure Dujio is your go-to spot for reliable and straightforward tech support.

“Where Apple is concerned, it’s difficult to imagine a more knowledgeable source than Dujio!”

Mike KwasniakChair of Suffolk Mac User Group

Our People

Brad Clark, founder of Dujio™ on the beach at the foreshore in wapping, London.

Brad Clark


Brad has experience as an educator, teacher and writer and gained a wealth of Mac knowledge whilst supporting customers through Apple’s spectacular growth and rise to popularity.

“I noticed that whilst many Apple users had lots of options for repairs and physical problems with their Apple products there was almost nowhere to turn for the more common problem of learning how to do something or resolving a software based problem. I then set about creating Dujio to become the business it is today, a trusted, respected and relied upon personal support service.”Brad Clark, Chief Problem Solver

Brad has garnered experience working with and for some of the worlds most well known organisations in both the UK and abroad. With expertise in training, content delivery and public speaking his passion is helping people realise their fullest potential in all things possible.

Why choose Dujio?

Dujio is unmatched in Apple tech support, offering unparalleled expertise and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Our team’s extensive experience ensures a unique ability to address diverse tech challenges.

What sets us apart is our personalized approach, tailoring solutions to each client’s specific needs. At Dujio, clients can expect top-notch support and a distinctive set of benefits that make their tech experience truly exceptional.

Our Culture/Ethos

Innovate each project with no exceptions.

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Always overdeliver to our clients.

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Build things that inspire people.

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