Deafen The Tech Giants With This Ingenious Bracelet

An article on FastCompany's excellent blog showed off a clever device that researchers at the University of Chicago jams microphones and stops the ever creepy listening ears at the large corps we all use every day.

We fill our homes with cool bits of kit but never really fully yunderstand what we have allowed these companies to listen to. How do you feel about the increasing number of "ears" in our lives? Could a bracelet like this be the answer for when we are not at home and surrounded by other peoples devices?

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Notch Googles Day!

Notch Ado About Nothing?

Okay I'll stop with the terrible puns.

After mocking Apples notch in the iPhone X last year and then swiftly following suit with thier own notch filled software and hardware, Google, who you think at this point would have learnt a thing or two about mocking their own future features, have an embarrassing problem. Two notches!

Yes that right! Not one but two notches are appearing on some Android devices, which is a fairly disruptive and embarrassing bug.




The whole idea of notches has been controversial since apple debuted the iPhone X - personally I'm not all that bothered by a notch if it means that the camera is unaffected and there are no compromises, which an all screen display would inevitably involve.

Google have already said they are working on a fix but one can't help but find this amusing nonetheless.

You're doing it wrong!: SEO and getting your site seen.

There are many pitfalls in making websites and one of them is the belief that you can pay somebody (or something - as it tends to be software that does generic SEO) to improve your visibility in search engines.

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