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Google has been around for a long time now but it occurred to me, through watching people search online, that most still do not know how to get the most out of their search efforts.

Well, grab your virtual magnifying glass because we’ve got some search hacks that are as delightful as a freshly bitten Apple. Introducing search operators.

1. Quotation Marks: Because Details Matter

Tired of swimming in a sea of random results? Slap some quotation marks around your search like you’re giving it a VIP pass. “iPhone 13 Pro review” says, “Take me to the good stuff!”

Get specific with the term you’re searching for.

2. Minus Sign: Banishing the Unwanted

Apple tech, not fruit salad? Pop a minus sign before what you want to ditch. “Apple -fruit” keeps your search crisp, just like your favorite Apple device.

Exclude non relevant keywords to get to the content you’re after.

3. Site Operator: Exclusive Backstage Pass

Feel like is your backstage VIP lounge for Apple info? Throw in “ Apple products” for an exclusive tour of what you need.

Search within a single website to drill down to specific contents.

4. Wildcard (*): Mystery Solved!

When the deets are as clear as mud, let the wildcard (*) be your Sherlock Holmes. “Apple * specifications” does the detective work for you.

Go wild with wildcards. Great for when you don’t know the full term you’re looking for.

5. Filetype Operator: PDFs, Manuals, Oh My!

Hunting for Apple manuals or PDFs? “MacBook Air filetype:pdf” is your golden ticket to the techy library.

Unlock access to documents and published works available through search.

6. Intitle and Inurl Operators: The VIP Red Carpet

Want your results to have a certain word in the title or URL? Roll out the red carpet with “intitle:” and “inurl:” – “intitle:Apple iOS updates” makes sure you’re in the front row.

A great way to find a specific blog post or news article by searching for the title.

7. AROUND Operator: Get Cozy with Proximity

Get cozy with “AROUND” for terms that like to stick together. “Apple AROUND 5 innovation” brings them within chatting distance. It’s about how closely related two terms are and helps keep the search on topic.

Keep on subject with AROUND

8. Define Operator: Quick Schooling Without Leaving

No need for a separate tab to get the lowdown. “define:Apple ecosystem” gives you a crash course right in the search results.

9. Range Operator: Budgeting, Tech Edition

Keep those tech purchases in check with the range operator. “Apple laptop $1000..$1500” ensures you’re in the budget-friendly zone.

Find items within a price range.

These search tricks are your virtual genie for troubleshooting Apple mysteries or staying ahead in the tech game. So, give ’em a whirl and happy searching! ✨????????️‍♂️

If you’re still hungry for more, a complete list of advanced search operators can be found here

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