Color Expert - Colour library in your pocket!

This one is a pretty contentious issue. Can one truly work with colour on an uncalibrated screen.

Well despite my initial misgivings, yes you can and quite succesfully. Its never going to be perfect but if your a designer, work with textiles or simply want to re-decorate your kitchen you cant really go wrong for £5.99. This web app works like a charm and despite being used on a typically saturated screen, the colour matching actually isnt that bad, and goes a long way to helping choose those oh so inmportant hues.

I love that you can email the swatched you create to yourself or others as it generates a lovely image of the colours to include in the mail as well as the colour details.


Extra Word Services for Mac....Tools for writers

Have you ever needed to re-order sentences in Word or Pages alphabetically or numerically? Ever typed a whole paragraph without realising you had caps lock on and want to change it all back to lowercase? Well its not possible to do either of these and many other wordy things without Devon Technologies wonderful WordService plugin (completely free).


Once installed it adds many new services into the Mac's global Services menu (that oft forgotten and lonely place on many a mac!).




Glyph Shortcuts (Mac of course) - How to type those funky symbols!



This website has a neat list of all the Mac glyophs (typeable symbols) and their shortcuts, so if you find you type some of them repeatedly, its worth printing off and learning the shortcuts!



Brilliant Free Texture Photographs -

This website provides tons of free textures for you to use royalty free on your websites, design projects etc! some really strangely beautiful images of urban decay.


Another not Mac blog! - print your own technical paper...

This website is very cool, it has lots of paper generators for graph paper, manuscript paper and paper you may have never heard of, whats great about it is that you can specify the size etc and it will generate a pdf for you to print! very handy indeed!


CLICK HERE - Not strictly Mac but too great to miss!


Moo cards, the biggest thing in contact cards since the victorian carte de visite!

Quite a community has built up around and their prices are very VERY competitive. For me the most amazing thing is that they let you have a different image on every card!

Please do check em out and post your moo cards on here for all to see!




QR-Code Generator...

This website is brilliant for generating QR-Codes, the next generation barcode. They can be used to convey short bursts of info, contact details, websites, allsorts!

Try putting one on your business card or website!

Mobile Phones (inc the iPhone) can read and translate them into data!





PixelGirlPresents - Fantastic source of icons and wallpapers...


Pixelgirlpresents is one of those websites that hosts some strange and altogether wonderful digital artwork for your use as wallpaper for your mac or iphone.






Appzapper - “The uninstaller that finds it all!"


So, you’ve installed a large piece of software and you decide you no longer want it, either it doesn’t work how you’d like or you simply need the space. You simply trash the app yes?........don’t you?


Well no, when you install many apps they also place files in other locations on your mac (especially the pro apps). 


To use appzapper you simply drag the application icon on to the zapper and zapp!!   the application and all associated files are sent to the trash!


This isn’t free but it does give you 5 free zaps! so use them sparingly unless you want to buy it (not very expensive anyhoo!)





TNEF'S Enough - Open those tricky attachments from Outlook...


Many of us have struggled to open attachments from pc users and this little gem can solve most of the problems...


“TNEF's Enough allows Macs to read and extract files from Microsoft TNEF stream files. The files are usually received by SMTP based e-mail programs from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook users. The SMTP based e-mail program will usually receive either a MIME attachment named "winmail.dat" or a MIME attachment with the type "application/ms-tnef."

The file is a rich text (or MAPI) message that is sent from Outlook to Exchange. When Exchange sends the message to an outside server it writes the MAPI message as a MIME attachment. The unfortunate side effect of this plan is if the Outlook user has someone in their address book as a person who can receive "Rich Text" then the user will receive the TNEF file whether the user uses Outlook or not.”