Learn the basics of Colour Theory

Colour is manipulative, controlling, enchanting and beguiling. It follows, then, that it pays dividends to learn the basics of what makes colour work and how to effectively use it in your design and branding projects. Not everyone studies colour theory at school nor has had the pleasure of reading Kandinsky's work notes on its psychological and spiritual effectiveness.

I just discovered, however, a rather spiffy website that goes far in visually explaining the basic fundamentals of colour theory as well as providing some links to some very useful tools.

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Excellent article on Colour Theory for Web Design and Branding.

I came across this remarkably concise and awesome article on colour theory and its application in websites and design. It serves as a great resource for anyone embarking on creating or rejuvenating a brand who wants to be clever about it.


Brilliant Free Texture Photographs - Urbandirty.com

This website provides tons of free textures for you to use royalty free on your websites, design projects etc! some really strangely beautiful images of urban decay.


Another not Mac blog! - print your own technical paper...

This website is very cool, it has lots of paper generators for graph paper, manuscript paper and paper you may have never heard of, whats great about it is that you can specify the size etc and it will generate a pdf for you to print! very handy indeed!



Moo.com - Not strictly Mac but too great to miss!


Moo cards, the biggest thing in contact cards since the victorian carte de visite!

Quite a community has built up around moo.com and their prices are very VERY competitive. For me the most amazing thing is that they let you have a different image on every card!

Please do check em out and post your moo cards on here for all to see!




PixelGirlPresents - Fantastic source of icons and wallpapers...


Pixelgirlpresents is one of those websites that hosts some strange and altogether wonderful digital artwork for your use as wallpaper for your mac or iphone.