This battery pack is a workhorse! With a huge capacity not only is it able to recharge your phone up to 9 times but it packs enough punch to charge and keep your MacBook (usb-c) going too. With USB-C you can plug your mac charging cable directly in to this battery pack to juice up on the go. Made from sturdy materials and with a single press remaining power indicator this has proven to be one of the most reliable battery packs to be found (we’ve tried lots!).

• The First USB PD Battery Bank: Recharge the power bank in just 4-5 hours through Type-C port; also features 2A and 1A input recharging

• Massive 30W Type-C Output: Matches the original AC MacBook charger (30W), charge all devices in no time

• Large Capacity, Multiple Outputs: Charges an iPhone 6S 10 times, a Samsung S6 6times, or an iPad Air 2 times; contains two 2.4A iSmart ports for a combined 3.4A total

• Advanced iSmart 2.0 Technology: Upgraded iSmart 2.0 automatically detects and adjusts the charging current to obtain the fastest charging; advanced Panasonic IC for safer and better conductivity

• Safety First: A+ battery for over 500 charge / recharge cycles; includes overcharge, short circuit, and current surge protection; features a scratch resistant matte finish

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