This is the monitor that we use in our office and its flawless. Super sharp image with a rotating display and best of all a USB-C connection which means you can plug into your MacBook Pro with one cable to both charge and connect to the display. You can plug in two standard USB devices directly into the monitor which also acts as a usb hub for you, keeping your desk nice and tidy.

  • LG’s Ultra HD 4K monitors, based off IPS Technology, offer accurate picture quality without distortion, giving users a more realistic and immersive experience
  • AMD Freesync offers high-end gaming without screen tearing or stuttering that occurs due to the difference between the GPU frame rate and the monitor refresh rate
  • Users can simplify their working environment with USB-C connection. By connecting via the USB-C port, users are given a single point for connecting to their; Laptop, Smart Phone and transferring data from an external storage device. The height range is 110mm and the wall mount size is 100 x 100 mm
  • The Colour Calibration feature maintains the original colour of the monitor through calibrator and dedicated calibration SW ‘True Color Pro’. Multiple Picture Mode includes colour mode presets for varied viewing environments
  • Black Stabilizer identifies the darkest areas and makes them brighter so that users can find enemies hiding in the shadows, with the assistance of Dynamic Action Sync which allows users to attack enemies faster with less lag time

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