There is perhaps only one app that we almost insist our clients use to keep their Mac in tip-top condition and that is CleanMyMac X. It has been protecting and prolonging the useful life of Macs since 2008. There are many apps that portend to be a Mac cleaning app but there’s only one that literally does it all (there are many, like MacKeeper, that pretend to be a useful utility but actually are complete rubbish). We use CleanMyMac on all of our Macs and our clients use it to make sure they are giving their Macs the care and attention they deserve.

It helps remove files clogging up your storage and has lots of ways to optimise your storage. Its also great at spotting “dodgy” files or “malware” since adding a great malware detection ability.


So Many Awesome Features…

Smart Scan

Combines the functionality of 7 essential modules of CleanMyMac and triggers Cleanup, Protection, and Speed scanners. These go through every corner
of the system to sort out unneeded or harmful items and prepare a set of optimizations.

System Junk

System Junk usually takes the biggest crop of unneeded files, which may occupy several gigabytes of the storage. These files are generated automatically and can be removed safely. For example, System Junk offers to delete old cache files and logs, broken app data, unused languages, and excessive versions of documents.

Safety Database

Years of experience allowed us to create a reliable Safety Database that prevents cleaning mishaps and carefully treats all user data. Be sure, CleanMyMac doesn’t delete any of your personal f iles or useful app data unless you want it.

Malware Removal

Malicious apps can be rather hard to pin down. If you want your Mac to stay malware-free at all times, you should perform periodic checkups.

The Malware Removal module scans your system for vulnerabilities and hazards like adware, viruses, spyware, and cryptocurrency miners. If CleanMyMac notices something suspicious, it offers immediate removal.

CleanMyMac X Menu

When CleanMyMac X has done its job, you quit it. But, if you wish, you can keep its Menu active in the status bar.
It’ll both show you current system statuses and provide useful features.

Photo Junk

This module reduces the size of your Photos library by removing unnecessary supporting data.

First of all, CleanMyMac deletes cache of the Photos app, which may use a big slice of the storage. For example, Photos always creates a full-size copy of the picture after you have edited it. So you may keep numerous copies of your photos even if you simply rotate them.

iTunes Junk

If you’d like to cut down the size of the iTunes library, this CleanMyMac module can help you easily. It removes redundant data like iOS backups stored on your Mac, updates of iOS software,
and various broken downloads.


While you do your stuff online and view items locally, your Mac keeps traces of the activities for quicker access. However, this information may compromise your privacy.

Use the Privacy module to wipe off all unwanted traces like chat history, browsing history, cookies, downloads, recent item lists, and so on. Just choose a suitable period and let CleanMyMac help you stay private.


CleanMyMac defines the sources of possible performance drop and gives you control of what is running.In this module, you can disable or remove: Login Items, which are automatically launched every time you boot your Mac. Launch Agents, which extend the functionality of the parent app but may be resource-consuming.

Also, the Optimization module shows you apps that stopped responding and apps that extensively use resources of your Mac. You can easily quit them to reduce system loads.

Did you know? Facebook Inc. uses CleanMyMac on their office Macs.


Your Mac will serve better with regular optimizations and diagnostic checkups. Running them manually might be weary, but the Maintenance module does all the hard work for you. So, with the help of CleanMyMac, you can do these:

  • Run maintenance scripts to improve the performance of your Mac Repair disk permissions to resolve improper behavior of apps
    Free up RAM to make room for ongoing processes
    Verify the startup disk to make sure your data is safe
  • Rebuild Launch Services Database to fix problems related to openingapplications
  • Reindex Spotlight and Mail databases to improve search speed and accuracyFlush DNS cache to resolve network issues


Mac users usually drag an app to the Trash to get rid of it. This method is simple, but unlike CleanMyMac, it leaves numerous remnants spread across your computer.

The Uninstaller module finds applications with all theircomponents and shows them as a single list. To simplify the review, it groups apps by developer and download source. Also, you can sort them by name or size. Apps you no longer use as well as 32-bit legacy apps areplaced under separate filters so that you can make sureyou still need them.

Large & Old Files

Large & Old Files streamlines one of the most complex andpainful cleanup tasks – a review of files. It finds the heaviest files on your Mac and groups them by kind, size, and access date. So, instead of looking through every folder, you only need to check a list of properly arranged files.


Shredder is a simple way to delete any files you no longer need. Just drop them onto the module and, be sure,
it will do the task even if Finder fails. Indeed, Shredder can seamlessly get around Finder errors and remove even those items that are locked by running processes.

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