Never Lose a File Again with the World’s Easiest Cloud Backup

  • Automatic Backups
  • Secure & Encrypted
  • Offsite Backup
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited File Size
  • Unlimited File Retention


Backing up is often quite a complicated and time-consuming process. The majority of people backup their macs with an external hard drive and time machine. This is a valid method of backup, but there are situations where even this form of backup isn’t enough. If you are using a laptop, most people are likely to keep their backup drive with or near their mac, so if something happens to the mac i.e gets lost, stolen, or damaged (liquid damage, fire, etc.) then the backup is at risk to. The safest way of backing data up is via an offsite system.

Low Cost & Reliable

Backblaze is a low-cost unlimited storage option that has been used by Mac Pros and Home users for many years. Using their own technology they backup your mac and any drives attached to it whilst leaving your network stable and usable whilst data is uploading. You will have online access to your files and can restore them whenever necessary. If you need to restore a huge amount of data you can even order the data to be shipped to you on a hard drive for you to copy manually and quickly rather than downloading over your internet connection, saving lots of time.

Trusted by Us

Our setup in our office is that we use iCloud for storing most of our information – contacts, calendars, photos, etc. We then use time machine and an external drive for our local backup copy and then Backblaze serves as our offsite backup location. I would happily get along with just Backblaze as it’s secure, safe, and works really well.

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