Web apps pop up and disappear all the time, mostly over promising and under delivering.

Open Brand, however, is very different.

When one begins the arduous task of building a company brand, it can be a messy undertaking. You end up with PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign files all over the place. This does no favours for the streamlining and improvement of your brand over time. Open Brand provides a neat little spot to put all of these files as well as buildings a digital style guide to your companies image.


The great thing about Open Brand is it allows you to make your assets public, so if you require that the press or partnering companies use the exacting standards that you have used yourself, there really is no excuse for them to mistype a tag line or get the spacing wrong on a logo.


Best of all its free for up to 15 assets (which is more than enough for the vast majority of companies).

I can see this being very useful for designers who create brands for other companies (a la me!) and looks like they are constantly improving things.


Do take a look!