An Amazing Tool for Unsubscribing from a lifetime of newsletters and spam!

I, like most people it seems, have subscribed to many newsletters over the years and have begun to approach Spampocalypse. Calling it spam, actually isn’t all that fair, as it isn’t unsolicited, I did choose to subscribe, usually by being too lazy to untick forms.

Whatever way you ended up subscribed to Chiahuahas with Hats on Monthly or Hiccuping Kitten of The Week, is a bit of a miracle cure.


By signing in with your gmail, hotmail, outlook, yahoo or iCloud email addresses it will scan you mailboxes for newsletters you have signed up for and give you the option to unsubscribe all at once! Phew. what a relief.

Even better though, is the fact that if there are newsletters you do still want to receive, you can roll them up into a daily “Rollup” which adds all your newsletters into one email – making it really easy if you do want to see the newsletters and even easier to just delete.


Honestly, this could be one of the most useful things you sign up for in a long time.

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