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An entirely new product line.

Yesterday Apple debuted its new object tracking devices called Airtag. Airtag has been a long rumoured product that utilises the FindMy network and a new ultrawideband Chip that has made its way into may of Apples newer devices. Tile may be a familiar product to many of you that works in a similar, albeit now more archaic way.

The premise is that you attach these white buttons that are aboute the size of a coin to your devices and things, either in a pocket such as a purse or a wallet, a rucksack, or attached via one of the many variations of holders and keyrings that Apple have also launched. These Airtags are then detected within the FindMy app which is present on every iPhone, iPad and Mac. Within the FindMy app you will be able to see the location of the Airtag and also have it make a sound and because apple is using ultrawideband technology instead of plain Bluetooth it can help you much more accurately track down your thing.

Here’s where they differ from products like Tile – Because Apple has access to the huge network of apple devices all over the world,  the Airtag can relay its location via other peoples devices who walk near the Airtag – the location then making its way to your FindMy app. It does this completely privately using encryption and without anybody knowing. This means you are exponentially more likely to be able to track down those missing keys on a bench or at a bar.

Like your iPhone, you can also set the Airtag into lost mode – this means that if someone finds it and holds their phone near to the tag it can give them a telephone number of your choosing to hopefully reunite you with your item. The Airtag is priced at £29 for one or £99 for four and you can customise them with etched text and emoji for free.

A new world of accesories.

Much like Magsafe, Apple have done what they do best and created a whole new ecosystem of products that third parties can (and already have) make to enhance our quality of use. Belkin has already come straight out of the gate with their own budget offerings that apple are selling directly via their stores and online. If you search amazon for Airtag you will also find lots of low-cost keyrings and holders which mark a stark contrast to apples £35 options. In the coming weeks and months, we will see more and more accessories emerge for every possible use case of Airtag.

Hermès. Hermès. Hermès.

And of course, Apple’s long term collaborative design partner Hermès also has created their own range of luggage tags, keyrings and lanyards – but be prepared to be shocked by the prices (or perhaps not if you are already a Hermès fan). These cost up to £399!

An entertaining ad.

Apple also screened its ad for the Airtag which is quite a marvellous little piece of film work. Check it out below.

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